Human Foosball Singapore Team Building
Human Foosball Singapore
Life-size version of the popular table-top soccer game!
Team Building • Birthday Parties • Casual Fun Play
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What is Human Foosball?
Ever played Foosball, the table-top soccer where you control mini plastic figures skewered by a metal rod as you twist and turn them like satay sticks?  

Welcome to Human Foosball, where you are now physically inside the game as one of those mini plastic figures! You must hold onto the poles and move only sideways, to work as a team in kicking the ball into the goalpost!

Perfect for team building games, birthday parties. Suitable for all ages. Kids & adults can all play together!

Affordable for large event, starting from approx $10/pax!

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Human Foosball Video Feature
How To Play Human Foosball?
Hold onto the Human Foosball poles to play
Hold Onto The Poles
Human Foosball is the real-life equivalent, where you are now one of those "mini-figurines"!  

Hold onto the pole to slide only sideways, and communicate as a team to move smoothly in order to score goals!
Human Foosball is played on soft turf surfaces
Soft Turf Surface
Human Foosball games are played in futsal courts, made of artificial grass to provide a safe soft surface.  

This simulates playing on a grass field, and provides safety to the players.
The goalkeeper is free to move during Human Foosball games!
Guard Your Goalpost!
The Goal-Keeper is the only player in this game not confined to a pole.  

Make full use of this 'freedom' to guard your goalpost well!
Where Is Human Foosball Located?
You have 2 options when it comes to venue.
You can either play at our location, or we can transport the game to you.
Turf City
Play Human Foosball Team Building at Turf City
Located at 220 Turf Club Road, play Human Foosball in the iconic Turf City!

Fully sheltered, this is an ideal play to organize your team building event without worries about rain or shine.
The Cage Kallang
Play Human Foosball Team Building at The Cage Kallang
Located at 38 Jalan Benaan Kapal, it's only a short 5 mins walk from Stadium MRT.

Fully sheltered as well, you can also have lunch or dinner together after your team building event at the nearby Kallang Leisure Park or Kallang Wave Mall!
Alternative Locations
Alternatively, we can also transport and bring the game to a venue that you may prefer.

Please contact and check with us to determine your venue's suitability first!
Past Clients & Events
Our team has 10 years of experience in organizing fun team building games.
Here are some of our past Human Foosball events!
Human Foosball for Advisors' Clique
Advisors' Clique
23rd Sept 2016
Human Foosball for MOE Teachers' Family Day
Family Day Event for MOE Teachers
27th Feb 2016
Human Foosball for Coral Secondary School
Coral Secondary School
23rd July 2016
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Our team look forward to organize an awesome Human Foosball game with you. Please kindly contact us and we will reply within 1 working day.
Phone: +65 9786 9083
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